About Amsai School

AMSAI‘s education system is based on the K–12 curriculum and the holistic philosophy of Neo-humanism, which stands for “the practice of love for all creation, including plants, animals, and the inanimate world,” as propounded by the Indian philosopher-seer Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii. The education imparted in AMSAI schools and institutions is known as Neo-Humanist Education (NHE).

Neo-Humanist Education – Integrated Education: This is one of the most effective education methods for kindergarten through higher school levels. It is a leading educational approach today, playing an essential role in promoting creative thinking, comprehensive understanding, visualization, and intuition development in children.

AMSAI School is a place where students can explore and experience unlimited learning access.

With the vision of becoming one of the best schools providing an exceptional learning system and a leading environment that helps children develop their love and caring nature towards all things and people around them, AMSAI also focuses on enhancing their senses, thinking abilities, and social-emotional skills, among others.

At AMSAI, children are encouraged to try different ideas, work in groups, and unleash their creativity beyond limits. Here, students will have more opportunities to communicate using the English language, as most subjects are taught in English. Additionally, students will learn YOGA and MEDITATION, which are essential tools to increase memory capacity, improve mental health, and enhance social and emotional well-being.

Enthusiastic Curriculum

AMSAI aims to bring holistic development to your child, encompassing physical health, independent thinking, a passion for learning, and fostering rich creative imagination and confidence


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What value does AMSAI offer you?

Parents are invited to discover the true values that our teachers and staff strive to instill in their children, focusing on holistic education that nurtures their physical, intellectual, emotional, and creative growth.


The teachers are highly qualified, professional, enthusiastic and love children.


Basic K–12 curriculum from DepEd and integrated Neo-Humanist Education.


Friendly, comfortable equipment, professional and safe learning environment.


Your child’s progress is regularly recorded and updated for parents.


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S.Y. 2023- 2024

Summer Class

August 4, 2023


S.Y. 2022- 2023

Sunrise Camp & Field-Trip

S.Y. 2022- 2023


“The journey of education is a two-way street; I learn as much from my students as I teach them, and that continuous exchange is priceless.”

Teacher Marife

“There’s an unparalleled sense of fulfillment in seeing a struggling student finally grasp a concept, knowing that my efforts have made a difference.”

Teacher Meya

“As a teacher, I have the power to ignite a spark that can light up a lifetime of learning, and that potential for lasting impact drives me forward.”

Teacher Russel