Summer Class

Namaskar and Goodbye My Lovely Pupils!

🎖 The summer class school year 2023 ends successfully. After 1 month of learning, from little girls and little boys who were still wondering and unfamiliar with the school’s routine, especially those who first time go to school. Now, you are more confident and used to the school’s routine.

🎲 The summer class closes with enthusiastic, energetic, fantastic activities. It is a memorable journey for you. During this time, you experienced many exciting activities and were full of fun, especially with reading, art, and yoga activities. Now, You will say farewell to your teachers and friends.

🍭 In very a short time, You all have become so close. You love the school, love the classmate, love the teachers. This journey of memories is a solid step to prepare you with full confidence for the regular class which will starts soon. The exact date for the regular class will begin on August 14, 2023.

🎉 Namaskar and Goodbye to all my dear and lovely little monkeys, see you on the first day of the school year 2023 – 2024!