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The Circle Of Love Curriculum

Early Morning Circle at AMSAI GENSAN

The “Circle of Love” is a holistic curriculum to foster the children’s spiritual worldview. It presents to the child the circular evolution of the universe, from the infinite consciousness, the creation of space and gases, fire and stars, water and earth, plants and animals to the appearance of human beings and finally saints and sages.

Instead of being divided into many specialized and separate subjects, it is taught in one main subject with the other subjects as branches.

Our curriculum develops all aspects of human life – physical, intellectual, emotional, imaginative, intuitive, and spiritual – none is neglected or ignored. For the physical body to develop strength, coordination, and balance there are physical exercises and movements, games, sports and dance, and also subtle yoga postures and kaoshikii for children, to relax and refine the body and mind.

Through stories, art, and song, we develop creative imagination. And meditation is important during the school day for their intuitive and spiritual development. The combination of different types of activities arouses a joy of learning and thirst for knowledge which will remain with them throughout their lives.

Yoga For Kids

Thousands of years ago, Yogic scientists realized the necessity of a proper balance of the body’s hormonal secretions for the control of negative emotions and the development of the body and mind; and they develop the series of postures called “Asanas”.

Yoga asanas are taught to children in Neo- Humanist schools from the earliest school years, not only to maintain physical health (by limbering the joints, massaging the internal organs, and stimulating circulation) but also to refine the body and prepare the mind for the higher consciousness.

The non-competitive exercises of yoga maintain the natural flexibility of youth, develop balance, and are one of the best ways to channel the restless energy of children: even “hyperactive” children become calmer and have better concentration after doing asanas ( Innercises ).


Yoga Time at AMSAI DIGOS

Small children are naturally intuitive and spiritual. They feel God is everywhere, and to them, all is one. But this spiritual nature in children gradually disappears because it is not developed. Most educational systems completely ignore it and thus the great potential in our children is usually lost.

In AMSAI however, we develop the subtle nature of the children by regular meditation, which will expand their minds and merge the minds in infinite wisdom and peace. Meditation has many benefits for children such as Increase concentration and memory power; develop higher I.Q. and self-control; Reduce depression, anger hostility, and stress; Increase sociability, and develop a love for all created beings.