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Ananda Marga Special Academic Institution (AMSAI)-Mindanao, which has campuses in Davao, Digos, and General Santos City in Mindanao, is an affiliation of Ananda Marga Board of Education.

The headquarters of Ananda Marga Board of Education is located at Ananda Nagar in the Purulia District of West Bengal, India with a local headquarters at Ananda Marga Compound, Km. 6 Diversion Road, Buhangin, Davao City, Philippines.

AMSAI is an international educational network of schools and institutes engaged in teaching, research, and service. It spans over fifty countries with over 1000 kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and children’s homes that have been established over the past 50 years. It is based on the holistic philosophy of Neo-humanism which stands for “the practice of love for all creation including plants, animals and the inanimate world” as propounded by the Indian philosopher-seer Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii. The education imparted in these schools and institutes schools and institutions is known as Neo-humanist Education (NHE). NHE is based on an ancient Indian system of teaching called Gurukul.

The Sam’skrta (Sankrit) word ‘Gurukula’ (pronounced as gu-ru-kul) has the following etymology:

Gu: darkness; ru: dispeller; kula: an institution. Gurukula is an institution that helps students dispel the darkness of the mind and leads to the total emancipation of the individual and society at large.

In these schools and institutes, all aspects of one’s personality are developed utilizing an integrated curriculum that empowers the student to know oneself and develop the confidence and empathy to utilize knowledge for serving society. Intellectual cognitive abilities are extended to include the development of intuition, aesthetics, and a futuristic and ecological perspective based on a universal outlook, so that one day, they may feel that they are the members of one global human family.