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School Calendar S. Y. 2021-2022

Date: June 6, 2021 Author: didimaha Categories: Calendar, Events, News, Our Program



May 1 to July 15 Teacher’s Evaluation and Professional Training Program
July 20 Tuesday Feast of The Sacrifice (Eid al – Adha)
July 27 Tuesday Iglesia ni Cristo Day
August 21 Saturday Ninoy Aquino Day
August 28 Saturday Parents’ Orientation
August 30 Monday National Heroes’ Day
September 6 Monday Start of Class
September 21 Tuesday Mid-Autumn Festival
September 27-28 Monday & Tuesday Releasing of Worksheets
September 29-30 Wednesday & Thursday Online Diagnostic Test
September 30 Thursaday Submission of Worksheets
October 5 Tuesday World Teacher’s Day
October 18 Monday Birthday of Muhammad (Mawlid)
October 27-28 Wednesday & Thursday Releasing of Worksheets
October 29 Friday Submission of Worksheets
October 29-30 Friday & Saturday 1st Quarterly Examination Online
November 1 Monday All Saints’ Day
November 2 Tuesday All Souls’ Day
November 24-25 Wednesday & Tuesday Releasing of Worksheets
November 26 Friday Submission of Worksheets
November 26-27 Friday & Saturday Monthly Examination Online
November 30 Tuesday Bonifacio Day
December 3 Friday Virtual Family Day
December 8 Wednesday Feast Of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
December 20-21 Monday & Tuesday Releasing of Worksheets
December 22 Wednesday Submission of Worksheets
December 22 Wednesday 2nd Quarterly Examination Online
December 23 Thursday Starts of Year End Break & Christmas Holiday
January 3 Monday Resumption of Classes
January 27-28 Thursday & Friday Releasing of Worksheets
January 29-30 Saturday & Sunday 2nd Quarterly Examination Online
January 31 Monday Submission of Worksheets
February 21 Monday Virtual Brain Challenge
February 23-24 Wednesday & Thursday Releasing of Worksheets
February 25-26 Friday & Saturday Monthly Examination
February 28 Monday Submission of Worksheets
March 14 Monday Virtual Art Day
March 28-29 Monday & Tuesday Releasing of Worksheets
March 30-31 Wednesday & Thursday 3rd Quarterly Examination
March 31 Thursday Submission of Worksheets
April 14 Thursday Creation Day
April 26-27 Tuesday & Wednesday Releasing of Worksheets
April 28-29 Thursday & Friday Monthly Examination
April 29 Friday Submission of Worksheets
May 1 Sunday Labor Day
May 24-25 Tuesday & Wednesday Releasing of worksheets
May 26-27 Thursday & Friday 4th Quarterly Examination
May 27 Saturday Submission of Worksheets
June 13- 14 Monday & Tuesday Achievement Test
June 15 Thursday Virtual Graduation & Recognition